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Revision 1.2 (8 December 2002)

By applying for a account, you agree to the following:

  • is a service for Wing Commander sites. This includes but is not restricted to sites for Wing Commander based mods, information resources, and clubs/RPGs. You are free to use your account as you need to as long as your use is in line with these terms.
  • You agree not to use your account to store data of an illegal, adult, or abusive nature. This particularly applies to Secret Ops episodes and pictures of "Rachel Coriolis" naked.
  • Be as careful as reasonably possible to keep your disk space usage and bandwidth usage to a reasonable level. Both of these are limited and are shared between all hosted sites, so please be considerate to other sites on the server. We decide the "reasonable level".
  • All files stored on your account should be linked from your site. If it isn't part of your site, it shouldn't be there. Please don't waste space which others could be using.
  • Don't place profit making banners on your site. The CIC staff are providing all funding for this service, and it's not very nice to profit from us is it? "Friendly" banners simply advertising things such as other Wing Commander sites are allowed.
  • Security of your account and account details is your responsibility. You may provide your details to trusted people who work on your site but any abuse of your account by any user may result in suspension.
  • We will remove any files we deem inappropriate or space/bandwidth hogs without warning and an email informing you of the actions taken will be sent.
  • Accounts that remain blank for a prolonged period may be terminated at the CIC's discression.
  • The website you want hosted on must already be published somewhere for us to review. We will only consider existing sites.
  • Because of the high storage and CPU requirement, you can not run a bulletin board on your account. Instead we offer a discussion forum on You can appoint moderators, provide a custom title graphic and select a default color scheme (from our existing schemes).
  • We reserve the right to make alterations to these terms and conditions as we deem necessary. Should we require any significant change, we will email you informing you of the changes.

    Our end of the deal:

  • We will provide this service for as long as we are able. Should this become impossible, we will provide as much warning as we can.
  • We will take occasional backups of the data stored in case of any problems.
  • Emails sent to non-existant email addresses will go to the CIC staff. We will try to forward the mail to its intended recipient, but repeated wrongly addressed mails may be lost. It is up to you to correct people sending you wrongly addressed mail.

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